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Lilac Tree Pruning

or “Hey Michael, I butchered my lilac last year. Now what?”

Read on to learn more. Don't be embarrassed - we get this question far more than you might think.


Tree Wound

 How a Tree Heals

In this new YouTube video, Michael talks about the ways a tree will heal from damage. Whether that may be from a pruning cut, or something bigger. Like driving a car into it. 

As always, Michael makes this video both educational and entertaining. Check it out!


Tree ID 201

March 20, 2019

The Range of Tree, or “If I was a tree, I’d want to be a cottonwood.”


Tree ID 102

March 11, 2019

Tree ID 102, or “Hey Michael, what’s that pine?” Actually, it’s not a pine.

Our Work

Photos from some of our most interesting and challenging projects.

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