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Additional Tree Services


From pruning to professional consultation, Vermont Arborists has the expertise to fulfill all of your tree-related needs.





Keep your plants looking and feeling there best.

Every species of tree has its own characteristic growth pattern. Knowing how and when to prune is necessary in creating the optimum health, safety, and beauty of your property. Our arborists are fully liscenced and adept at making your property look its best. 




Cabling & Bracing

Sometimes a tree needs a little support.

Cabling and bracing are different methods to secure damaged or weakened areas in a tree. Cables are installed approximately 3/4 of the way up the canopy using either a static rigid metal cable or a dynamic flexible cable typically made from polyethylene. Brace rods are installed into the stem of the tree by first drilling through the tree then screwing in a threaded rod. Each has its preferred application which can be explained and implemented by our trained arborists.





Many times people are not sure what is going on with their trees and how they relate to the property. Other times a tree is struggling and they just need to know why. We can come to your property for a nominal fee (applicable towards future work), diagnose your problem, and create a plan to make your trees healthy again.






Our Work

Photos from some of our most recent projects.

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