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hazardous removal

Hazardous Removals

The path of construction, or conditions such as old age, rot, or storm damage may necessitate tree removal.

Tree removal is dangerous business.

When taking down a tree, there are an assortment of factors that need to be considered in order to avoid potential danger to the crew, yourself, and your property. A risk assessment evaluating slope, species, age, health, stability, surrounding, and soil type should be performed prior to, and followed through, execution.  Our highly trained Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals have the equipment, skills, and experience necessary to ensure an efficient and safe removal. 



stump grinding

Stump grinding

Once a tree has been safely removed, you may want to consider stump grinding. If you are looking to put down grass or plant a new tree in that space, it is a necessity. Pest prevention, ease when mowing, and general aesthetics are also reasons to consider stump grinding. Vermont Arborists offers safe, insured, affordable stump grinding of the trees we remove. The wood chips created by the process can then be used to fill the hole, mulch your garden, or we can cart them away with minimal impact to your lawn.



Vermont Arborists is fully insured and complies with the latest ANSI safety standards.

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